About Me

Maxime Cote

Hello, I’m Maxime Cote

Welcome to my little spot on the internet. Here I’ll try to draw from my job experience as a developer, sysadmin and security mixed with a wide range of interests and research to bring you article to help get you more effective in those areas and in your life in general.

But who am I?

I’m a trained developer in Java, C++, Python, and JavaScript, mainly in back-end development. From that point, I became a self-taught Linux and Kubernetes system administrator, mainly designing servers, VMs, containers, and everything in between.

I also recently started on the path to becoming SSCP certified in the hope of reaching CISSP from there.

If not apparent by this point, I’m very passionate about researching and learning new technologies. I love to try and make my work or life easier using those new technologies and also teaching them to others.

Other than work, I’m also a big fan of music, productivity, writing, reading, and gaming, among other things. One of my main goals is to help others, either by sharing my experience or discuss exciting ideas. I will also try to explore the impact technology could have on our future (or not) and the trends I see coming in.

I good place to start here: What did I learn from having 3 jobs in a small company?