About Me

Maxime Cote

Hello, I’m Maxime Cote

Hi there, welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m a Java and Python developer turned sysadmin with a side of security. Outside of work, I happen to love learning and writing about new and old technology, knowledge management, productivity, and helping others.

After being in the productivity and knowledge management rabbit hole for a while, I figure the best way to combine all of those things would be to create this blog and its newsletter. That way, I can share my reflection, system, reading, and ideas, and hopefully, it can help you skip some of the legs works and get going right away in those domains.

From here, you can pick some topic below or explore around

  • Interested in my productivity system? You can go here
  • Curious about some remote work idea? I got you here
  • Interested in knowledge management? Over here

Other fun facts:

  • I enjoy coffee, the crafted kind from freshly ground beans in an Aeropress or French Press.
  • This blog and the newsletter are the most consistent output I’ve ever had.
  • I’m also very passionate about music, especially EDM, techno, and metal, even though lately I’ve switched to specialized music for work sessions.
  • For many years I held three jobs at the company I work for, developer + sysadmin + security; now, thankfully, I’m down to 1 (sysadmin) and a half (security)